Company and Founder Experience

Scott Stingel is Sequoia's President and Lead Consultant.  He is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and has over 20 years experience in voice technology and web development as a hardware and software designer, manager, and consultant.   

Scott's previous company, employing system designers, engineers and software developers, was Advanced Interactive Systems (AIS).  AIS developed messaging and call center systems for several hundred of the largest universities and hospitals in the USA and Canada, and is known for many innovations in voice technology and call switching.

Scott maintains offices in Silicon Valley, California and London, England.

Your Development Team... On-Call

Sequoia has assembled a team of development wizards available on-demand in the areas of:  web services interface design, embedded voice recognition, mobile beacon proximity applications, and legacy systems integration.

Whether it involves just one expert for a few hours, or a development group working as a team to completion, assembling the people best suited to the job at hand assures clients a rapid and cost efficient solution.   All designs come with extensive documentation to bring the client's in-house users up to speed rapidly.